Does your current method of applicant tracking, application and resume processing leave a lot to be desired?

Would you like a tailored solution that can import resumes from major employment posting services as well as your own corporate website?

Would you like the flexibility of either implementing the software on your servers or having us host it off-site, tailored to look identical to your corporate site, and have it monitored, updated and maintained by us?


Manage all steps of the recruitment process.

Cyber Recruiter approaches recruiting from a process-oriented standpoint. Rather than simply creating a database to track information, Cyber Recruiter addresses all steps involved in the recruiting process. The steps include:
  • Create, maintain and report on requisitions
  • Upload the requisitions to your Monster.com or HotJobs.com account matching the best candidates with each requisition
  • Efficiently collate and analyze resumes
  • Automatically upload requisition information to recruiting websites and your company website
  • Attach applicants to appropriate open requisitions and route to a recruiter’s virtual inbox
  • Seamlessly integrate an online application with your corporate website

Cyber Recruiter makes importing and sifting through the endless stream of resumes that you receive faster and easier. This intelligent system will read your resumes for you, find the pertinent skills of each candidate, and even automatically associate candidates with any open positions for which they are qualified.

Once your open positions are defined and your resumes are imported, Cyber Recruiter facilitates communication between your recruiters, hiring managers, and applicants in a logical, effective manner, allowing you to find, contact, and cultivate the best fit for open requisitions.